Why 99% of All Marketing Fails

marketing-paper-planeIf you are wondering why 99% of all marketing fails to meet the very real needs and expectations of its intended customers then please allow me to explain. Fact is; just about every single newspaper, television, radio or internet ad; direct mail, email, or text campaign that you’ll find today; is targeted toward the one to five percent of prospects that have an immediate need to buy the products and service being promoted. These event based marketing campaigns not only fail to address the needs of 99% of prospects – they fail to communicate with the POWER, PRECISION and PASSION needed to effectively capture the attention and confidence of either buying group.


If you’re frustrated by the fact that you continue to spend thousands of dollars on marketing each month, with few new customers in return – you shouldn’t blame yourself. The reality is that most business owners spend their best hours doing what they do best – building and perfecting their business. And if you are like most business owners, you are likely putting your trust in the hands of those who specialize in Marketing. Here are the three (3) biggest mistakes made by marketing and media companies… at your expense.

1. Fails to Capture the Attention of the Target Market:

To know WHY Joan Smith buys WHAT Joan Smith buys, you’ll need to see the world through Joan Smith’s eyes. To win her business, you’ll need to first interrupt her with marketing headlines that get her full attention, and then, engage her with sub-headlines that promise to educate her on the very real and specific problems that she is looking to solve. This is a skill and strategy that is undervalued by almost all marketing and media companies. And, it is without a doubt WHY 99% of all marketing fails to capture the attention of prospective customers.

2. Does Not Facilitate the Prospects’ Information Gathering and Decision Making Process:

Educating Joan Smith on the most important things to consider when evaluating what you or your competitor’s have to offer; it is critical that you build a solid and quantifiable case for why you are the only real choice. To win, you simply cannot accept the usual generalities, platitudes, and menu board style ads that most marketing and media company churns out these days. I guarantee that if your reps get this part wrong – they will have left out 95% of your prospects and customers.

3. Fails to Lower the Risk of Taking the Next Step in the Sales Cycle:

Whether Joan Smith has just begun evaluating what you and your competitors’ have to offer, or she is at any of the nine other stages in the education spectrum, she will no doubt be looking for a low risk way to take the next step in the sales cycle. By including a FREE offer to provide detailed decision-making information, as part of your marketing message – you’ll gain between 2 to 100 times more qualified prospects than traditional marketing. You’ll also be able to nurture these new prospects along using a step-by-step follow up system. This is a fundamental requirement for winning business from the 95% of your prospective customers who are anywhere along the education spectrum. Does your marketing or media company do this for you today? We most certainly can… and do!

And if all three marketing functions are performing correctly for your business then your prospects and customers would have to come to the same undeniable conclusion: “I would have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else but you, regardless of price.”

Every Ottawa Area Business Wants The Same Thing

No matter what industry you are in, at the most basis level, every business in the Ottawa area wants the same thing. You want more customers and less competition. You want to earn a respectable profit on the goods and services you sell, and you want your marketing and advertising to actually help you sell. You want to attract and retain more loyal customers and you want to help your sales reps to convert more prospects into paying customers. And lets face it, we all want to make more money.

You Owe It To Yourself And Your Business

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