Case Study

An Ottawa homebuilder with an impeccable reputation for quality and a story that needed to be told.

Valecraft Homes is synonymous with the highest standards in residential community development. So, when they needed a series of videos to tell their story, they knew it would have to be something distinctly “Valecraft.”

While many of Valecraft’s competitors were producing professional videos, Valecraft knew they had a much better story to tell. But, although they understood video’s potency as a marketing tool, they didn’t know how to create a production that would capture their distinctive character and highlight the unique qualities that set them apart.

INSTANTEDGE worked with Valecraft to identify the company’s special qualities and distil them into a message that quickly explained what made Valecraft unique. The theme for Valecraft’s story would be “The Valecraft Difference.” A series of educational videos were scripted and produced incorporating this theme and helping potential customers understand more about the building process.

How it Works



Analyze the Market

INSTANTEDGE researched, developed and scripted a storyline around the Valecraft Difference and the uncontested fact that Valecraft is the only builder in its market never to have missed a closing date in over 30 years.


Plan the Work

Identify Key Advantages

INSTANTEDGE then dug deep into the quantifiable data around homebuyer impacts of missing a closing date. INSTANTEDGE also researched what goes into ensuring on-time new construction home closing dates to identify key considerations that needed highlighting.


Do the Work

Telling a Story that Matters

The whole story was brought together in a series of interview-style videos, scripted and then shot on location at Valecraft model homes. Valecraft homebuyers, trades people, and key management team members were interviewed to give viewers first person experience of the Valecraft Difference.

Overall, INSTANTEDGE writers, producers, and editors worked together with Valecraft Executive to create three videos that presented clear and compelling points of differentiation for Valecraft Homes.


"The videos for Valecraft were done very well. I was very pleased with them and they not only included our trades, but also our homeowners that bought, so we went through the whole buying experience."

Valecraft was able to build a marketing strategy and video campaign around a single strong and defendable point of differentiation that their competition could not claim to be able to match. The “Valecraft Difference” was such a compelling case for choosing Valecraft over its competitors that once unpacked, it created numerous supporting stories that could be told in all manner of marketing.

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