The Essential Elements of an Inbound Marketing Campaign

bigstock-modern-business-development-pr-52158712You’ve spent time and resources developing your brand and message. The time has come to launch it into the marketplace. Do you have a plan? Does your agency understand the intricacies of integrating and launching the essential elements of an inbound marketing strategy?

Launching an inbound marketing campaign requires commitment to your message. Whether the message is the promise of educational content, an idea provoking conference, or an irresistible new deal, the message is there. And if the consumers who choose to act on your message are not given what you’ve promised you’ve broken your commitment.

Having the right tools when planning your strategy is the first step. Your message should be coordinated, integrated and consistent across multiple delivery channels. Let’s examine several of the essential elements that should be in your inbound marketing tool kit.

Your Inbound Marketing Tool Kit

Once you’ve determined your message and your offer, you need to utilize six essential elements of digital delivery to launch and measure a successful inbound marketing

These tools are:

1. Landing pages for each offer.

2. Strong calls-to-action.

3. A well-developed email campaign to guide visitors through your lead funnel.

4. A well-crafted and informative blog.

5. Social media engagement with consumers.

6. And finally, an analytics package to determine your campaign’s effectiveness.

By integrating these six elements to deliver your message in a unified and consistent way, you will increase the power of your message and its effectiveness, exponentially.

The Importance of Landing Pages

Inbound marketing is about educating and informing consumers to help them reach a buying decision. Your landing page is a crucial element of the sales process. People who click on your marketing message should be taken directly to a customized landing page specific to that message. That means that every campaign you launch, whether it’s an ebook release, product launch or special event should be paired with a unique landing page.

You landing page should highlight exactly what readers need to know about the campaign along with strong calls-to-action and social share buttons. The goal of your landing page is to move potential customers through the sales funnel and convert them into leads.

Integrating Calls-to Action

One element of your page that is crucial to the lead generation process is a strong call-to-action. The CTA is usually linked text or a button on your landing page that is designed to trigger your visitor into taking action on your offer. Once they click on your CTA they are asked to provide contact information in order to receive your premium offer drawing them further into your sales funnel.

CTAs can perform multiple functions depending on the need. For example, a CTA on a product-landing page can bring your visitor to your company’s shopping cart. In an email, a CTA can bring visitors to a new landing page offering more detailed information about your offer. CTAs are an essential tool in your kit. They are critical in moving potential customers further into your sales process.

Using Email To Keep Customers Engaged

Email should be an essential element of your marketing strategy. Email marketing allows you to remain in touch with leads that may not yet be ready to buy. It allows you, over time, to create a true database of contacts. Everyone who has followed your calls-to-action and filled out the forms on your landing pages can be added to your contact database.

Email marketing allows you to target your message specifically to address each prospect’s concerns. You can then engage them and aid in their buying decision by providing additional information, leading them through the buying process. The more you target your messaging to specific audiences based on their individual needs, the better results you’ll see.

A campaign is not an idea that is simply thrown out into the world it’s a complete strategy. Landing pages, strong CTAs and email outreach are the primary elements needed to launch and measure a successful inbound marketing campaign.

Are you committed to your message? Do you want to learn more, like how to incorporate your company blog, the correct way to include social media in your strategy, and how to analyze your results and fine-tune your approach? Then download our free ebook, “The Handy Tool Kit For Launching and Measuring a Remarkable Campaign.” In it you’ll learn much more about how using the proper tools will increase the return on your inbound marketing investment.

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