Superhero Marketing: How to Create 10x Content to Crush the Competition

Businessman ready to winInject value into your content marketing to deliver exceptional insights.

Search engine optimization guru Rand Fishkin of Moz presented one of the site’s Whiteboard Friday features earlier this year, and in the presentation, Fishkin shared a comprehensive marketing strategy to create what he calls “10x content.” The concept is to essentially analyze what’s saturating various media (print, web, video, etc.) and create content that’s ten times better than the competition. The idea couldn’t sound simpler, but while the thought of 10x content comes easily, effective implementation into your marketing strategy takes work.

What is 10x Content?

Moz outlines a handful of helpful qualifiers that content creators should keep in mind when aiming for 10x content. In order to stand out from the competition, especially in a marketing landscape that’s more pull than push, it’s essential that your content does the following:

  • Provides exceptional user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) functionality regardless of the device. Mobile is a must.
  • Is (1) trustworthy, (2) useful, (3) interesting, and (4) high-quality.
  • Delivers a unique perspective.
  • Elicits an emotional response.
  • Solves a problem or answers a question.

It’s easy to re-purpose an old article or supplement content from a reputable site to create something new. We’re all guilty of aiming a little lower than 10x content at times, but smart marketers realize that great content doesn’t just happen. 

Creating Strong Content through Strategy

Even re-purposed content can be effective when you have strong content creation guidelines on your side. Everyone works his or her magic differently, but it’s important to follow a few strategies if you’re striving for 10x content:

Content Marketing Strategy Tip #1 – Do your target market research: The only way to create trustworthy, useful, interesting, high-quality content is to know your target audience inside and out. Who are you selling to? Why do they need your product? How does your content deliver value in a way your competitors’ can’t?

Content Marketing Strategy Tip #2 – Competitor analysis leads to unique content: The goal of your strategy should be to provide unique insights, unlikely perspectives, and powerful evaluation through strong content. It’s easier to say “create unique content” than to do it, but a great place to start is with competitor analysis that’s similar to target market research. Pick five or ten companies that you consider close competitors and look at the content they’re creating to attract consumers. What are they doing that’s similar? What are the most successful businesses doing differently? How can you set yourself apart?

Content Marketing Strategy Tip #3 – Choose your marketing channels: Where and why you publish content (print, web, video) can be just as important as its substance, and marketing channels should be a result of target market research as well as competitor analysis. Which outlets best serve your message and why? Choose your marketing channels wisely.

Content Marketing Strategy Tip #4 – Rinse and repeat: Smart content marketing is a game of pushing the right consumer buttons at the appropriate time in the most visible places. What works today for one audience may fall flat tomorrow for another, but a strong content creation strategy is essential. Focus on the qualifiers for 10x content outlined above, create robust content around consumer needs, then publish and do it all over again.

Not every piece of content with the best intentions will have the impact you hope for, but when you create with a “10x content” mindset, you’ll be surprised how often you find success.

Use All the High-Quality Content Puzzle Pieces

The content you create and the channels you choose to utilize are subjective, meaning they can change and you should adapt accordingly. As trends come and go and consumer preferences shift, it’s crucial to utilize the tools at your disposal. The folks over at Killer Infographics suggest marketers use content boosters like motion graphics and interactive dynamic elements to engage readers in more exciting ways.

Additionally, various social media platforms, gamification, and innovative new technologies can all elevate content, but that’s not to say search engine optimization planning isn’t still essential. Strong headlines, compelling calls to action, proper keyword strategizing, and all the SEO in-betweens need to be part of your strategy.

Practice Until Reasonably Perfect

It may be an oxymoron to consider any content creation strategy perfect because just when you think you’ve figured it all out, the game can change. Consumers are more savvy and intelligent than ever, and it’s your job to adapt when trends change and technologies evolve. Keep your content marketing approach broad, but remember to narrow your focus when it comes to the details. Strive to create 10x content whenever possible!

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