Leveraging Twitter Ads to Boost Your Business

Twitter-Will-Follow-Facebook-Model-Revamping-Fees-to-Lure-Small-BusinessesHow to get the most out of your social media advertising and promote yourself using Twitter.

Hopefully by now you have understood the importance of social media in regards to your online marketing campaign and have at the very minimum created accounts on some of the major social channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. Twitter in particular has grown exponentially in popularity over the last few years to the point where if, as a business, you aren’t using Twitter, then you’re way behind your competition. It’s a great way of seeing what’s going on in the Ottawa area and see what your competition is up to.

Recent data has suggested that roughly 645,750,000 people use Twitter and that around 135,000 new users sign up to Twitter every day. These numbers are just too big to ignore – not to mention that the platform is perfect for engaging consumers, increasing brand awareness and increasing brand loyalty. If you are ready to take the extra step and really utilize Twitter to the best of your abilities, then you need to use Twitter ads. Twitter ads is a paid advertising method that will increase the exposure of your brand. The following are a few ways that you can use Twitter ads to your advantage.

1. Promote Tweets

Promoting your tweets is one of the most popular Twitter advertising options available. Using specific keywords, you can promote a tweet, which is basically a message of 140 characters or less, which will then appear at the top of search results for that keyword. Promoting your tweets is an excellent way to spread a specific message about products or services by getting them placed at the top of your potential customers’ Twitter feeds. You’re given a number of options when you decide to promote a tweet:

  • Keyword – By choosing to target a specific keyword or phrase, you’ll actually get your message out to Twitter users who could be potentially interested in your brand or your brand’s services or products. This is an important step, since using the wrong keyword will expose your message to users who may not have any interest in your brand, thereby wasting your valuable advertising resources.
  • Locations – You can also target your promoted tweets towards users in certain locations. This is quite helpful if you are holding some sort of sale or promotional event at a physical location. Conversely, you can choose specific area to promote yourself, such as Ottawa.
  • Gender – Some brands are targeted towards specific genders, which means that if you run a men’s suit company, promoting your tweets towards women isn’t going to be very helpful.
  • Choosing the Tweets – You can select the tweets you want to promote manually, or you can let Twitter automatically choose your most recent and most engaging tweets.
  • Budget – The final step is to set a budget by choosing your daily maximum as well as maximum bid amount per engagement.

2. Promoting Your Account

While promoting Tweets is a great way to spread awareness of your content, services or products, promoting your account is an excellent way to increase your followers. If you are new to Twitter or are looking to increase your audience, then this is a fantastic option. Promoting your account is not dissimilar to promoting your tweets. Basically, you’ll be able to target users that have specific interest categories relating to your brand or that follow similar brands (such as your competitors). You’ll then be able to choose a tweet to be shown next to your Twitter handle. This is what will be shown to pontential followers so a engaging tweet to always recommended. The cost of obtaining new followers can be a little high, which means you have to be careful about who you target since you want high quality followers.

3. Use Lead Generation Cards

This helpful new addition allows businesses to collect the names and email addresses of potential leads directly on Twitter. This means that you can build a high quality email marketing list for your lead nurturing campaign directly on Twitter without having to send followers back to the landing pages on your main website.

4. Getting Intimate with Analytics

Twitter analytics are essential to measuring your performance on Twitter so that you can properly adjust your marketing strategy. You don’t want to continue wasting money on Twitter ads if your are using them incorrectly, after all. Pay attention to the number of impressions, engagement, and the rate of engagement. Impressions are the number of times that users view your tweets on their timelines. Engagement measures how often a tweet was clicked on, marked as a favorite, replied to and retweeted, as well as what tweets resulted in new follows. The Engagement Rate is the ration of engagement actions and impressions that are generated over a tweet.

Twitter ads is an excellent strategy that should be leveraged to increase awareness and to generate more leads for your company. Whether promoting yourself within Ottawa or abroad, it is an excellent resource available to you to bring awareness to your business.

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