Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup for the Week of September 1, 2014

weekly_roundupAfter the busiest moving weekend of the year on Ottawa, like a lot of people, we’re looking forward to catching our breath this weekend. What better way to relax from all that moving mayhem than to catch up on the latest inbound marketing news? We’re certainly excited for all the latest news and if anything your coffee will taste better! Enjoy!

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Week of September 1, 2014

Rising to the Top: How Use LinkedIn Ads

How to create high quality ads for the leading social network for professionals and get the most out of your advertising budget. LinkedIn has over 100 million active users and is the leading social media network for business professionals. However, the site is not just a collection of resumes. B2B marketers can use LinkedIn to generate leads and build brand awareness through the site’s advertising platform. On LinkedIn, you can target your ads to users based on important metrics such as industry and job title. You can even target your ads to be shown to members of particular LinkedIn groups or geographic areas such as Ottawa. This targeting is better for B2B than perhaps that of Facebook, which targets users by their interests. –Read More

Our Favourite Articles

Week of September 1, 2014

5 Damaging Career Moves to Avoid

Careers arent made overnight, but a few mistakes can easily derail your career pretty quickly. Whether youre complacent in your current position, or youre swept up in office politics, there are many snafus seasoned professionals can run into. People make a lot of mistakes in their careers, some are small and can be recovered from with an apology or the passage of time, says Julie Bauke. –Read More

7 Deadly Sins of a Transaction-Based Company 

We’ve entered a new era where the traditional predictors of growth productivity and efficiency no longer suffice. Today, customers hold the cards, driving the sales process and how they interact with your brand. If companies truly want to accelerate their business growth, they need to know their customers as people, not transactions, before they can drive deeper engagement. –Read More

Beyond the Hype: The Co-op’s Tech-Enabled Research Trolleys

The classic shopping trolley hasnt changed much since it was first introduced in 1937. But the Co-op is set to change that, having rolled out trolleys fitted with tablets in 33 stores. As consumers move around the supermarket, the tablet triggers questions on everything from store layout and product ranges through to issues at the heart of the wider Co-op movement. –Read More

6 Biggest Challenges of Going Global

What is the biggest logistics-related challenge to taking a retail company global? 1. Covering Your Legal Bases Check with your attorney to make sure you are not triggering any additional legal requirements. For example, many countries require a company to register if they are doing business in the jurisdiction. –Read More

Do Drag And Drop Themes Render Web Designers Useless?

It’s kind of a scary thought, right? Its an unlikely event for most people but a pretty scary thought nonetheless. However, for many, this isn’t so far fetched. In fact, if you’re a web designer, this has pretty much happened already. With the invention of WordPress and other Content Management Systems (CMS), some have come to view the average web designer as unnecessary. –Read More
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