Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup for the Week of October 6, 2014

weekly_roundupThanksgiving has always been one of our favourite holidays. The falling leaves and cool Ottawa weather, capped off with a big meal always makes for a grand time. Let’s face it, it’s great to have an excuse to eat a lot of good food and relax after. What better time to catch up on the world of inbound than between the afterglow of dinner and a turkey induced coma. We’ve collected our favourite inbound marketing articles from the last week so you can do just that.

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Week of October 6, 2014

Going Up to 11 – How to Amp Up Your Content Marketing

Turning up the volume on your content marketing strategy to create great campaigns. Over 92 percent of marketers are using content marketing techniques to drive traffic to their blogs or offers, generate leads and increase brand awareness. However, majority of marketers are struggling to get epic results from their marketing efforts. You may already be blogging or doing social media marketing, but are your efforts resulting into positive ROI for your business? –Read More

Our Favourite Articles

Week of October 6, 2014

The Number One Secret to B2B Content Marketing Success Plus 150 B2B Marketing Statistics

Who doesn’t like a secret? Especially the single, most important content marketing secret to success for B2B companies. This year’s Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America report from Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs offers us that one, most important piece of advice and more. So what’s the secret? Simple: Document your content marketing strategy and follow it closely. –Read More

Google: Panda 4.1 Still Rolling Out

Google: Panda 4.1 Still Rolling Out Over the weekend, there was a tremendous amount of chatter within the SEO community, including discussion forums, social media and other channels. There were rumors that Google was pushing out a new algorithm, maybe the eagerly anticipated Penguin refresh which is expected really soon or maybe something else? Google told us just now that the Panda 4.1 release is still rolling out and that may be what SEOs and Webmasters are noticing. –Read More

How To Fix Your Marketing Blind Spot

Marketers think they’ve seen it all, but they are usually blind to what customers really need. (Note: I addressed this topic recently in a virtual session for GroupHigh, excellent influencer identification software that we use at Convince & Convert. GroupHigh also writes fantastic influencer marketing case studies right here on this blog).Slides below. More than ever before, marketers have access to data. –Read More

The Mac Daddy List of Twitter Tools for Marketers

Its all in the tools! I believe that using the RIGHT ones can have a huge impact on how effective and how successful your efforts are. More importantly, how much time and energy you save using the right ones :-)! Following are some of my favorite Twitter tools marketers can use to save time, be more efficient and ultimately, be more successful on social media. –Read More

5 Ways to Develop a Social Media Strategy

Are you struggling to make social media work for you? Do you have the right social media strategy for your business? The challenge of social media is that its constantly changing. In this article Ill share five ways to adapt social media for your business. #1: Do a Social Media Audit To determine what is and isnt working in your social media strategy, go over the analytics for your posts. Find 5 ways to adapt social media for your business. –Read More

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