Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup for the Week of May 26, 2014

weekly_roundupWith the weather finally coming into it’s own and the Blue Jays playing some great baseball, with their winning streak ending at nine games, it’s been a beautiful week. With all this wonderfulness going on around us, working can be a chore. However, we’re hear to help. Take a look below to find a weeks worth of information for your enjoyment!

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Week of May 26, 2014

4 Ways Segmentation Can Help You Close More Leads

Generating leads is one of the most important parts of inbound marketing. However, after leads have entered your sales funnel, what do you do with them? Getting leads does not mean you will closed sales. You have to do the hard work of nurturing the leads to push them down the sales funnel and help them make a purchasing decision. To do this effectively, you have to understand the leads, know the solutions they are looking for, the types of content that resonate well with them, their real and perceived barriers to buying, and how urgent they need to buy. –Read More

Qualifying and Closing Your Leads Smarter

Obtaining your leads is one thing, but turning them into buyers is another. Nurturing them and qualifying them for your offer is name of the game. Many companies put a huge emphasis on creating leads via their inbound marketing campaign through the use of content marketing, social marketing and SEO marketing in addition to other strategies. However, just because one of these leads is captured doesn’t mean that they are qualified to purchase your company’s product or service. In many cases, the lead is simply looking for information and is not ready to commit to a purchase. You need to nurture these leads into the qualification stage. Once they become a qualified lead, they’ll be read to make the purchase – but even then there’s work to do! –Read More

Our Favourite Articles

Week of May 26, 2014

How to Improve Your Facebook Sidebar Ads: 6 Tips to More Clicks

Are you using Facebook sidebar ads? Are you getting the results you want? The kinds of images and text you use in your Facebook ads impact your audiences response. In this article youll discover what makes people more likely to click on your Facebook sidebar ads. Facebook sidebar ads are pretty small (at least for now). Each one allows for 90 characters in the headline and displays at 100 pixels wide x 72 pixels tall. –Read More

6 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

A strong Pinterest community tells others youre a trusted source of inspiration. In this article youll discover six simple ways to quickly increase your number of Pinterest followers. A verified Pinterest account is an important step in building your following. Its fairly easy to do and instills trust because it confirms your account is the real deal, not a knockoff. In turn, that makes your Pinterest profile more attractive to existing and new followers. –Read More

Seth’s Blog: Three kinds of advertising

Demand enhancement ads remind us that on a hot day, we’d like a cold drink. They are ads designed to tickle and provoke, to increase the number of people in the market for what it is you sell. This is the best kind of billboard, the one that says, “next exit.” Every once in a while, an ad does all three things, but that’s a foolish thing to hope for. –Read More

Former Twitter Employee Brings Choose Your Own Adventure Stories to Vine

After 35 years, the Choose Your Own Adventure books are finally doing it for the Vine. The popular book series, which allow readers to determine the plot’s outcome by assuming the role of the main character and making decisions along the way, has been recreated for the six-second video-sharing service. See also: 10 Vine Videos of Creatures Big and Small Ian Padgham, a former video producer at Twitter (Vine’s parent company), has created the first “AdVINEture” series. –Read More

These Kids Are Not Impressed by Ancient Apple Computers

Ah, thank you Fine Bros for reminding us that we are all ancient relics. In the latest adorable/maddening installment of “Kids React,” a plethora of prepubescent children mock us mercilessly for existing during a time when computers had no Internet. The kids are given an Apple II computer circa 1977 a creation noted as the first successfully mass-produced microcomputer, credited to the Woz himself but that doesn’t impress this bunch. –Read More

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