Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup for the Week of May 19, 2014

weekly_roundupThis week we had Spock make an appearance our blog and found a squirrel that looked an awful lot like Abraham Lincoln. Now if that sounds crazy to you, then it’s time to get caught up. Both Good and Evil Spock taught us about the importance of headlines. The squirrel, let’s be honest, was a gimmick, but optimizing your website isn’t. Check out those blogs to learn something new, along with some our favourite articles from the week gone by.

Instant EDGE Inbound Marketing Blog

Week of May 19, 2014

8 Ways to Create Brilliant Headlines and Sub-Headlines

When it comes to attracting readers to your content and convincing them to read on, the most important element to do this is the headline. The headline in addition to the sub-headline of your content is what convinces your website’s visitors to read your content, click your call to action and to eventually convert to your landing page. They are the elements that help to create a first impression on visitors. This means that poor headlines and sub-headlines will leave a bad impression, resulting in visitors not bothering with your content. The following are a few tips to help you create headlines and sub-headlines that are as effective as possible in drawing visitors in. –Read More

Optimization – 4 Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Website

Despite having great offers and value propositions for their prospects, many businesses still struggle to achieve their end objectives of generating leads and improving sales. What could be the problem? Optimization. Optimization is key to improving conversions for your online business. When you optimize your offers and the experience intended for your target audience, you will eliminate friction that may be keeping your conversation rates low. However, optimization is not a magic pill for improving leads and sales. In fact, if you do not have any goals or idea of what you are doing, optimization can lead to negative results. Your lead channels can stifle conversions, customer experience disrupted and sales frozen. –Read More

Our Favourite Articles

Week of May 19, 2014

2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report 

Do you wonder how your peers are using social media? Wondering if you should focus on Instagram or podcasting, or put more effort into blogging? In our sixth annual social media study, more than 2800 marketers reveal where they focus their social media activities, which social tactics are most effective and how content plays a role into their social media marketing. –Read More

A Product-Based Approach to CRO

Before joining the world of digital marketing, I was a product design engineer. Most of my clients at Distilled are now CRO projects and I’ve found my background to be surprisingly useful. There’s a lot of overlap between designing physical products and designing websites that convert well. I’d like to share some of the research methods that I use for CRO that I learned while designing physical products. –Read More

Seth’s Blog: Who says go?

You can pretty easily find people who will work with you or for you or advise you if you tell them what you want to do, if you are the person who says, “let’s go.” It turns out that finding the employee/partner/consultant who says, “this is what we should do, follow me,” is rare and precious. More valuable than just about anything that’s printed on a resume. –Read More

What to Expect From an On-The-Spot Technical Hiring Test

Getting your foot in the door for an interview at a hot tech startup is no easy task and once you’ve scored the interview itself, you may have to prepare for on-the-spot tests to showcase your technical talents. As a programmer or engineer, you have to deal with quite a bit more than the average candidate: your prospective employer needs to know what you can do, how fast you can do it and how elegant your process is. –Read More

Why Printers Are Awful and Other Office Mysteries

Why do we always get sleepy after lunch? Or, worse yet, why does the office printer never, ever work? Elliott Morgan tackles these and other hard office-related mysteries in the latest installment of Mashable Minute. Also, he gets really, really excited about coffee, and you definitely don’t want to miss that level of excitement. In the last episode, Elliott wrestles with yet another mystery. –Read More

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