Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup for the Week of June 23, 2014

weekly_roundupIf you’re anything like us, you’ve found it particular distracting this past two weeks with all the World Cup soccer (or is it okay to call it football?) going on. Unfortunately, with the round-robin completed, that distraction is about to become a lot worse with the knockout stage beginning. However, we have come up with a solution that doesn’t involve missing the match, rather we’re offering all of our content, along with some articles that we like, from the past week, in one spot so minimal searching needs to be done. Happy reading and enjoy the game!

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Week of June 23, 2014

Bridging the Gap: How Closed-Loop Reporting Can Really Bring a Lead Home

To make the most out of inbound marketing, closed-loop reporting needs to be part of your day-to-day business. There is a lot of hype regarding B2B inbound marketing. Marketing agencies all over Canada are trying to get B2Bs organizations to embrace inbound marketing. For the most part, this seems to be working. Many B2B companies are adopting inbound marketing strategies more as they move away from traditional marketing avenues like print and visual ads. However, many companies still have problems converting leads to sales. Embracing inbound marketing is not a direct ticket to increasing sales. In fact, inbound marketing can lead to negative return on investment (ROI) if it’s not done right. –Read More

Learning the Basics – A Social Media Primer

Everyone has heard of social media, but not every company is taking advantage of it. Social media is an incredibly cost effective way to market your company. However, if you don’t know that much about social media marketing, then it’s kind of hard to get started. The following are a few of the basics that you should know about social media and how to use it so that you can begin implementing it into your marketing strategy. –Read More

Our Favourite Articles

Week of June 23, 2014

5 Key Viral Marketing Tactics Proven to Work

The concept of viral marketing has taken up the time of modern marketers for around 10 years now. This attention has been warranted from a marketers standpoint as some effective marketing has been done. It has also paid off from a consumer standpoint in that plenty of interesting content has gone into their ever hungry eyeballs. But have you gone viral yet? Why youre not going viral In 2008, Seth Godin explained on his blog what viral marketing was like then. –Read More

7 Outstanding Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

7 Outstanding Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses Small businesses have historically been slow to adopt the content marketing strategies that corporate marketers use. But as SEO has evolved significantly in recent years, it has become clear that small businesses need to include how-tos, e-books, comparison guides, and other content marketing techniques to remain competitive in the rankings. –Read More

SearchCap: eBay Paid Search Ads Ineffective, Content Quality & Google My Business

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. From Search Engine Land: By claiming that paid search is largely ineffective, eBay has attracted a lot of attention and buzz with media outlets repeating the findings. Anyone who isnt familiar with eBays history of throw-it-at-the-wall-and-watch-what-happens paid search advertising strategy may be able to take the companys final release of a report. –Read More

Yo Still Exists and Now Has More Than 1 Million Users

Yes, Yo still exists. Yo, an app that just lets users send the word “yo” to each other, announced that it has topped 1 million users. Most of those users about 950,000 were added in just the four-day period after Yo first gained mainstream attention last week. See also: An App That Only Lets You Say ‘Yo’ Just Topped Facebook’s Slingshot on iOS At the time of publication, the app was up to 1.13 million users, according to the latest data provided to Mashable. –Read More

Is Outsourcing Social Media Marketing Cheating?

Companies that rely only on traditional marketing strategies are falling behind. Their marketing people may understand that they should be using Social Media and Content Marketing, but have no idea of the many platforms available, which ones they should use, and the rules and protocols needed to use them effectively. –Read More

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