Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup for the Week of June 16, 2014

weekly_roundupWith a week of exciting World Cup action behind us (who thought Spain wouldn’t make it to the knockout stage?!), we can take a look at the exciting world of inbound marketing to remind us of how wild things can get. Be sure take a moment to get caught up on our most recent blog articles as well some of our favourites from throughout this past week.

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Week of June 16, 2014

Putting Things into Focus – How an Inbound Marketing Assessment Can Identify Your Goals

An inbound marketing assessment can help you identify what needs to be done for your business to achieve its sales goals. The assessment should take into consideration your current sales strategies and evaluate how well they are working in generate traffic, qualified leads and sales. At one time or the other, you will have to carry out an inbound marketing assessment. The assessment should define a clear roadmap to follow to realize both short- and long-term goals. –Read More

Working S.M.A.R.T. – How Creating Goals and Following Through on Them Will Boost Your Business

How to stop wandering aimlessly through the game of lead conversion by creating realistic goals and following through on them. A marketing team without a series of realistic, actionable goals is like a surgeon without a scalpel. How can they possibly hope to do an operation if they can’t make the first cut? Though you might think of goals as a less important step that happens further down the line, let us invite you to think of goals a little differently. Goal setting sessions with your marketing team can not only help generate ideas and goals, but they also help bring your team closer together and enhance your existing camaraderie. When the whole group knows what you’re working on together, every player feels invested in something larger than him or herself. That’s the kind of passion that compels your sales reps to work on closing. –Read More

Our Favourite Articles

Week of June 16, 2014

If Your Content Marketing is for Everybody, It’s for Nobody

Share CMI Quick test: Whos the audience for your blog? How about your eNewsletter? Your podcast? If you are like most enterprises that sell multiple product lines to multiple audiences, you may have two, three, four or more different audiences you are trying to target with the same content initiative. Hows that working for you? Two case studies Large technology company. –Read More

Do Your Social Media Relationships Get Consummated?

Similarly, its time to think about getting your businesss social media relationships consummated. Why? One look at these 3 social media data points and youll immediately understand the challenge. While social media is about the top of the purchase funnel and branding, since YOU need toreach prospects before YOU know theyre in market,you must stillclose sales and track social media to these activities. So what can you do as a marketer? –Read More

6 Free Tools To Create Amazing Eye Catching Graphics

Following are 6 tools anyone can use to create simple, beautiful graphics, literally in minutes! If you are looking for more tips, you may enjoy The Secret to Great Facebook Graphics. 1.LiveLuvCreate Want a simple yet professional-looking image for a blog post? Or maybe an inspirational image quote to share on social media? LiveLuvCreate is a free online tool that allows you to quickly create an image, overlay text, and choose from a variety of borders, effects and filters. –Read More

How to Measure Social Media ROI

Are your clients constantly clamoring for social proof? If you havent already done so, you need to find a strategy to measure your social media return on investment (ROI). In this article Ill share tools and tips to measure the ROI of your social media efforts. ROI is proof that your marketing efforts are working. Clients and supervisors need to know if youre successful and you do too! This is important for social media companies, consultants and in-house staff. –Read More

The 4 V’s in Big Data for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing professionals declare big data as the next BIG thing in digital marketing. In the past years, only a few marketers take the time to keep tabs on the big data flowing across the different aspects of their marketing campaigns. This time around, there is no way of stopping the surge of big data explosion upon the emergence of better online marketing analytic tools, mobile marketing schemes, internet technology and social media platforms. –Read More

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