Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup for the Week of February 9, 2015

weekly_roundupTime always flies when you’re having fun. Or when you’re being a busniess superstar. In either case, we’ve collected our weekly Inbound Marketing blog and some of our favourite articles to share exactly what happened this week. We published our own rules to rocking social media, enjoyed reading about the power of provocation, as well as pineapples in content marketing. You never can tell what show up next. Happy reading!

INSTANTEDGE Inbound Marketing Blog

Week of February 9, 2015

5 Essential Social Media Rules: The Ultimate Guide to Great Content Marketing

Follow these five tips for winning over your audience with social media. Not getting enough ‘likes’ on Facebook? Not enough retweets? We all know the existential pain of feeling like you’re talking to yourself on social media. When you’re using social media as part of your inbound marketing strategy — which we hope you are — it can feel even worse. –Read More

Our Favourite Articles

Week of February 9, 2015

Should You Buy or Grow a Pineapple for Your Audience?

So whats stopping us? Apart from the fact that we all really, really love our jobs (take note, Gorilla!), we realize that the whole farming thing isnt all beautiful sunsets and fresh produce. After working in a vineyard for five years, I can tell you that growing stuff from nothing is one of the hardest gigs going. Give me content marketing any day. The weather only threatens the comfort of our morning commute. –Read More

The Power of Provocation – Hit THEM with YOUR Thoughts

You know what really sucks? Bad writing. But bad writing doesnt necessarily mean that your style is bad. You can write a bad post in wonderful style and it is still bad. Why is it bad? Because it is boring. There is almost nothing less helpful to your content marketing success than boring content. And boring can have many faces: It is sometimes not so easy to really offer something new and to inspire a conversation. –Read More

The Road from Visible to Invincible Marketing Strategies

If you’ve read my last post Are You a Marketing Strategist or a Tactician?, I’d like to imagine that if until reading my post you werent a strategist, by now you are making your first steps in order to do just that. However, becoming visible online is one of the most difficult challenges SMB’s around the world struggle with on a daily basis. –Read More

The 5 Key Pillars You Need for Epic Content Marketing Success

Content and knowledge in the past was trapped on film reels, photo albums, printed books and filing cabinets. To consume content required sitting down in front of a television, reading a book, opening a folder or finding a device plugged into a wall. It was stuck in time and space. Creating content was also clunky and it needed big bulky movie cameras, tape decks and pen and paper. Printing presses were the expensive machines that only newspaper barons could afford. –Read More

Content Marketing: 5 Ways to Engage Your Fans on Facebook

The simple question many ask is – how to engage your fans on Facebook through content marketing.  This certainly is no intimidating task once you know the basic techniques regarding Facebook engagement. You must to a bit of patient research to ascertain what your fans want to hear? Once you gather this pertinent information, you will have to make your page relevant, interactive and informative. –Read More

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