Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup for the Week of April 21, 2014

weekly_roundupNow that the post Easter chocolate has dwindled away, and the end-of-season hockey banquets have dried up, it’s finally time to stick your head outside and enjoy the sunshine. Yardwork and outdoor activities can finally get started without all those other commitments getting in the way. We’ve collected our blogs as well as some of our favourite articles from this week so that you can maximize your fun in the sun. Enjoy!

Instant EDGE Inbound Marketing Blog

Week of April 21, 2014 

5 Ways to Optimize Your Site for Mobile Devices and Boost Traffic

With more people than ever viewing the web from their smartphones, it’s essential to optimize your site for the best visitor experience. The mental image of Internet traffic being mostly comprised of nerdy guys hunched over their desktop computers in their parents’ basement couldn’t be more outdated. These days, billions of people use the Internet every day, whether for casual browsing, business or a little bit of both. Besides public perception, another major way the Internet has changed is the way viewers are visiting your site, especially with the prevalence of mobile phone usage. Statistics show more and more clearly that reaching consumers via smartphone is important to your company’s success. –Read More

3 Reasons Why Quality Content Trumps Quantity

The old adage of Quality over Quantity gets thrown around a lot in content marketing, but does it have any merit? Odds are you’ve heard of content marketing as being a sound strategy for your inbound marketing campaign. Unfortunately, there are companies out there who view content marketing as merely a way to improve their search engine optimization. Because of this, they tend to use content as a vehicle for their keywords, which often results in a large quantity of content without much quality. While search engine optimization is an important facet of your website – and using keywords throughout your content is a great way to get it seen – the quality of your content is of much more importance, especially over the long term. Releasing a few pieces of quality content every week is going to do a lot more for your brand than releasing poor quality content stuffed with keywords every hour, no matter what you might think. –Read More 

Our Favourite Articles

Week of April 21, 2014

Building a Brand Online: The Golden Age of Digital

This post is based on a talk I gave at ourSearchLove conferencein Boston last week. It ties quite closely with the post my colleague Ron Garrett wrote last week:Search Marketers Need to Evolve. You can probably tell we’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this.. When I gave this talk at SearchLove, I hoped that it would put in context why we bring such a range of speakers. –Read More

5 Instagram Tools to Better Manage Your Marketing

Google Trends show a rapid growth in the search for Instagram, which is a good sign for the applications popularity. Read on to find tools that will help you market yourself or your brand on this popular platform. is a web-based management tool for Instagram. In addition to providing detailed analytics, it equips you with a faster and better way of interacting with a lot of content shared on Instagram at the same time. –Read More

An 8-Step Plan for Migrating to a New Marketing Automation Program

Michael Freeman wasnt psyched about having to migrate from one marketing automation system to another. But it had to be done. Last yearFreemans employer, a telecom company called ShoreTel, moved from Eloqua to HubSpot, and it fell to Freeman, the head of demand generation at ShoreTel, to oversee the project. –Read More

The 14 Keys to Writing Advertorials That Sell

Advertorials are native ads with a single purpose: getting specific action from the reader. This could be donating to a cause, downloading a PDF, subscribing to an email newsletter, visiting a store, or buying a product. An effective advertorial grips the reader and leads her to the logical conclusion pointing her, in very specific language, to what to do next. This is the call to action. Advertorials come in all shapes and sizes. –Read More

Which Marketing Analytics Should You Be Looking At?

Access to so much data has made marketing analytics overwhelming for many a marketer. We have traffic data, conversion data, lead data, email marketing data, social media data … the list goes on. Figuring out what data to pull, and when, is the tricky part. While no two businesses are alike, often they’ll find themselves facing similar problems, and unsure of how to use data to guide them through their decision-making processes. –Read More

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