Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup for the Week of April 14, 2014

weekly_roundupThe rat race of a shortened week has broken into the relative calm of a long weekend. Even though there’s still racing around to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and the preparations of a large family meal to prepare for, be sure to take some time to relax. To aid in that, we’ve collected our posts and favourite articles for your reading pleasure.

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Week of April 14, 2014 

Social Media Rush Hour: 5 Ways Social Networking Can boost Traffic

How to make sense of multiple social media channels and prioritize what works to increase visitors to your company’s website and convert leads to paying customers. If there were a way to compute the average amount of time people waste on social media each year, the number would likely be staggering. But if you think social media is just for bragging about your Candy Crush score or looking at pictures of your high school classmates’ kids, you’re missing a major business opportunity. If you can effectively harness the power of social media, you can use it to drive increased traffic to your company’s site. Once you get customers off the networks and on your own turf, you have the opportunity to convert casual visitors to leads or even sales –Read More 

6 Elements to Integrate for High-Impact Web Design

Does the design of your website really have an impact on the visitors or traffic it will get? Most people take traffic generation and web design to be different online marketing activities that should be handled separately. However, the two activities intertwine and should complement each other to help you achieve your sales, branding or lead generation objectives. How your website is designed can determine whether or not it will be easily found on Google and other search engines. Therefore, when looking to create a new website or have your current one redesigned, you should choose an agency that knows the relationship between design and traffic. –Read More 

Our Favourite Articles

Week of April 14, 2014

8 Ways You Can Create a Winning Instagram Profile

If youre not on Instagram or havent applied your resources there, its time to start. Instagram has 75 million daily users and multiple opportunities to reach your target audience. In this article, youll discovereight ways you can use Instagram to increase your reach, engagement and sales. Tap into Instagrams highly engaged audience to promote your products and services. –Read More

Mom Entrepreneurs

Listen to the archived recording right here! Launched in mid-March, StartupNations annual Leading Moms in Business Competition is still going strong! With hundreds of amazing contestants and support pouring in from friends and fans all over the country, we are pleased to say that this years contest is already a major success! Its not too late! You have until the end of April to enter the competition and duke it out for your chance to be ranked as one of the Top 100 Leading Moms! –Read More

15 Twitter Facts and Figures for 2014 You Need to Know

The social media network that was never meant to be a social network, Twitter, celebrated its eighth birthday in March, 2014. The now microblogging giant has come a long way since co-founder Jack Dorseys first tweet, just setting up my twttr back on March 21, 2006. It is now a household name, and the favorite network of celebrities and media outlets. Twitter has become the fastest way to break news. We are seeing more television programs display their Twitter handles and relative hashtags. –Read More

How to Create a Social Media Plan

Living inside the bubble of the social media marketing world, its easy to forget that many organizations still dont know how to reconcile social media into their everyday sales and marketing routine. I taught the executive team of a very successful organization the basics of social media this past week and it was a great reminder that focusing on tactics without an organized strategy is still the greatest source of frustration for many businesses. –Read More

How to Use Twitter Hashtags as a Prospecting Tool

Do you find it hard to have meaningful engagements with prospects on Twitter? Do you want a better way to find quality prospects and increase your Twitter ROI? Twitter is a key social media tool that gives you access to a targeted audience and relevant conversations, but first you have to cut through the noise. In this article Ill detail three steps for using Twitter hashtags to their full potential. –Read More

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