Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup

weekly_roundupWhether you were busy with work or cheering for your favourite country at the Olympics, you might have missed our latest blog posts. But no need to worry. We’ve rounded up this weeks blog posts and as an added bonus, included some of our favourite articles of the week from around the web. Hope you enjoy!

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Week of February 10, 2014

The Essential Elements of An Inbound Marketing Campaign

You’ve spent time and resources developing your brand and message. The time has come to launch it into the marketplace. Do you have a plan? Does your agency understand the intricacies of integrating and launching the essential elements of an inbound marketing strategy? –Read More

Improve ROI with Inbound Marketing Analytics

Inbound marketing is the pinnacle of success for today’s B2B and B2C organizations. However, to get a positive ROI from inbound marketing, you need to make your decisions based on concrete data. You should track the success of your online campaigns. The data of each campaign should help you decide the steps to take to improve your lead generation results. –Read More

Our Favourite Articles

Week of February 10, 2014

Create More Effective Content Marketing with the Active Reading Technique

Joe Pulizzi once cautioned marketers that competition is not limited to your own niche. Every other industry and entertainment form wants your customers limited time and attention. With fewer and shorter windows of opportunity, effective content marketing has to be considered best-of-breed among everyone not just your immediate competitors. –Read More

4 Ways to Sell More Products Online : @ProBlogger

As we discussed recently in this post, making money via blogging is far more than fanciful thinking; for an increasing number of dedicated bloggers, its a rewarding reality. But theres a difference between, Hey mom! I made 30 cents this month using nothing but my typing fingers! and, you know, actually making a living. –Read More

4 Simple Ways to Bring More Traffic to Your About Page

Well here you have it! Just to recap my previous post, here are some of the key reasons why your about page needs more traffic: For the full details Id recommend you to read my 6 Ideas for Your Blogs About Page and Why they Work. Now, without further ado, here are four rather simple yet often times untapped ways to make your about page more visible to your blogs visitors! –Read More

Good News! Google Backs Business Video by @jgreenesix – Millennial CEO | Millennial CEO

A lot of people would think that when perhaps the worlds most recognizable brand launches a hardware based video conferencing product that will be affordable for just about every business on the planet that it would make the competition nervous. –Read More

Why should you use images in blogs? – Socialable

One of the most important lessons that Ive learned after years of blogging and using social media is just how important images are, and what a difference they can make. Ever since learning this, Ive always tried to use at least one image in each of my blog posts. Here are some of the reasons why you should always be using images in your blog posts –Read More

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