Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup

weekly_roundupGo Canada Go! What a finish for the Women’s Hockey Team! Congrats to them on the Gold, now it’s up to the men to grab gold. Since you may have been too busy watching that, we’ve rounded up our blog posts from this week and included some of our favourite articles we found online this week. Hope you enjoy!

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Week of February 17, 2014

Turn Your Website Into an Inbound Marketing Machine

Your website is only as good as the leads it generates for your business. A beautiful website will not necessarily improve your sales. If you are struggling to generate leads and improve your sales, perhaps it’s time to give your website a new look. –Read More 

Make Facebook a Part of Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Facebook has changed the way we communicate. For business, Facebook is about more than just having a large fan base. What are you doing with your fans? Do you interact with them and how do they respond to your posts? You probably spend a fair amount of time updating and maintaining your page, are you seeing benefits? –Read More 

Our Favourite Articles

Week of February 17, 2014

Could the Internet of Things Turn More Companies Inbound?

When people hear the term “Internet of Things” they picture techie gadgets like Nest thermometer. It’s like a traditional thermometer on steroids: Connected to the internet, Nest learns your home heating habits over time, and adjusts the temperature to help you save energy and money. It also connects to a mobile app, so you can monitor your home’s energy usage while you’re away. –Read More

Varsity News Network Closes $3M Series A To Expand Its High School Athletic Platform Nationwide

High school sports is big business, but few schools can afford to support a robust athletic website with complete player stats, dynamic schedules and rich media. Thats where Varsity News Network comes in. VNN is today announcing an additional $3 million in funding to scale nationwide and launch its first app. –Read More

Landing Page Software: Leadpages Versus Unbounce

We have written a few posts on this site about how to drive relevant traffic to your website, but once you get people there you need to consider how you are going to convert those that are relevant to your business. If you dont have a lot of traffic, you have a traffic problem not a conversion problem. However, if you do have a lot of traffic but you want to improve your conversions, then landing page software will help. –Read More

5 Of The Fastest Ways To Improve Your B2B Marketing

There is an apocryphal Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. If you are a modern B2B marketer, its hard not to feel that way. Thanks to the Internet, the way people buy has changed dramatically in these interesting times. Based on a Corporate Executive Board study, B2B buyers are at least 57% through their buyer journey before they first contact the seller. Other studies estimate that percentage even higher. –Read More

Digital Business: The Next Customer Service Channel

I could actually make this a really short blog post by just saying yes. Because that is the answer. Social media may in fact become the #1 channel for consumers looking for quick response customer support. Others have suggested that it may even be the best use of real-time marketing out there. Even though service isnt exactly marketing in a traditional sense, great service is very marketable so one drives the other. –Read More

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