Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup

weekly_roundupThe Marketing Industry continues to evolve with new technology, but there is one constant, Inbound Marketing makes it easier to attract, convert, close, and delight customers. So we’ve rounded up our latest Blog posts from this week as well as our favourite articles from around the web to give you the latest trends and analysis from the world of Inbound Marketing. We hope this helps you grow your business!

Instant EDGE Inbound Marketing Blog

Week of March 3, 2014 

Get New Leads with an Amazing Email Marketing Campaign

A few years back, some marketers predicted the death of email marketing due to the rise of new technology like social media. However, we all know how their predictions turned out. Email remains the most effective form of reaching out to prospects and clients. In fact, email drives more conversions than search and social media. –Read More 

How to Plan and Launch a Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign

Today, more Canadians are using the Internet to search for information about companies and their products or services before they connect with them. Therefore, having an online presence and being where your customers are is crucial to the success of today’s businesses. –Read More 

Our Favourite Articles

Week of March 3, 2014

9 Social Media Productivity Tips for Super Smart Marketers 

Social media is fantastic in many ways, but it is a real drain on your time. Its so easy to get distracted, spend too much time on different channels and not get enough value. When was the last time you spent a lot of time reading content that is really not going to benefit your business? We’ve all been there. So its really important to consider how we can be more productive in our social media efforts. Here are 9 tips for improving social media productivity: –Read More

Blog Posts and Important Aspects

Content Marketing has, increasingly, become standard practice for marketing a product or service online. Because it generally costs less than traditional offline marketing and has proven to be the single most effective strategy for SEO, virtually every brand is now doing it. For those not yet onboard or those who think that its just the newest fad, they can always leave this new discipline to those who are bit more forward focusedlike their competitors. –Read More

Marketing Strategy and Planning

We have reached a point where the barrier between marketing and digital marketing is almost nonexistent. And every year that line separating the two grows thinner and thinner. So what values determine whether a marketing campaign succeeds or fails? It is not really any one thing, but a combination of smaller factors that makes the real difference. –Read More

11 Tips and Tools to Jump-Start Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine for particular keywords. If you do business on the internet, a top rank on search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) is a primary requirement. –Read More

Social Media Marketing For Startups & Beyond – 3 Takeaways

Last week, I had the honor of being a panelist discussing Social Media Marketing for Startups and beyond in an event organized by SIPA. I was on the panel with Jason Miller and Adam Helweh. Most of the participants were from startups and the questions centered around themes such as How do we get started with social?, On which channel should be we allocate our time and resources? and other related topics. –Read More

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