Going Up to 11 – How to Amp Up Your Content Marketing

11-700x360Turning up the volume on your content marketing strategy to create great campaigns.

Over 92 percent of marketers are using content marketing techniques to drive traffic to their blogs or offers, generate leads and increase brand awareness.

However, majority of marketers are struggling to get epic results from their marketing efforts. You may already be blogging or doing social media marketing, but are your efforts resulting into positive ROI for your business?

For content marketing to work, your content should be engaging such that it that will spark action from your audience. You can create and distribute original quality content or leverage content created by others to get results from your marketing efforts.

Here are three elements that are crucial to the success of your content marketing:

i) Curation

Curation involves leveraging content created by other parties for your marketing efforts. For successful content marketing, your curated content should add value to your audience. For example, you can gather and organize content and add original analysis to make it more meaningful to your audience.

ii) Context

Every piece of content you produce should be relevant to your audience. When creating content, consider the stage of engagement that the reader is with your brand. The content should be provided with other solutions that will be valuable to the audience.

iii) Conversion

Your content should be created around specific business needs and goals. You should outline key performance indicators (KPIs) when creating content to be able to analyze the marketing ROI.

Building trust and authority is the first step to amplifying your content marketing efforts. Define your ideal customer and find out the type of content that appeals to them.

How to Create Memorable Content

When creating content for your audience, keep in mind that your competitors are also doing the same. The competition is also looking to attract the audience you are targeting. Therefore, you need to create compelling content that will be memorable and differentiate your brand from the competition.

Effective marketing is about understanding your audience and creating content that resonates well with them. The content should also help you achieve your marketing goals. Here are five ways in which you can create compelling content:

1. Create Case Studies

One of the most effective types of content to create for your audience is case studies. This content presents readers with words and numbers that provide context of the story. Readers love case studies that highlight actionable ideas that can be implemented.

2. Carve a Unique Voice

Create a unique voice for your brand through your content. Your voice can be formal or informal depending on your industry. Do not be afraid to show personality in your blog posts and social media interactions.

3. Capitalize on Imagination

The mind is visual in nature. Readers can remember your business based on the image they have about it. If your business is not unique or does not provide anything different from what the competition is offering, there will be no incentive for readers to remember your brand.

Use your content to encourage readers to imagine what it is like to do business with you. Use your products and services to inculcate positive thoughts among your prospects.

4. Use the Power of Descriptions

Use descriptive words to infer to your business. Visuals and descriptions make your content more memorable. Help your audience “see” your points by using adjectives, analogies and other comparisons in your content.

5. Use Repetition to Your Advantage

To make your audience remember and engage with you on a regular basis, keep in touch with them. You can keep in touch by publishing blog posts regularly, sending emails and newsletters to your subscribers, being active in the social media networks where your audience hangs out, producing video posts and so on.

Do not expect to convert your leads if you only engage with them once a week. Repetition is key to making your brand memorable.

Amplify Your Content Marketing

You need to be timely and topical with your content. To improve engagement with your readers, keep up to date with trending discussions in your industry. Apart from this, provide expert analysis and educative content on trending topics.

Amplifying your content marketing is all about understanding your target buyer persona and providing timely educational, informative and entertaining content that resonates well with them.

You can get ideas on the kind of content that will resonate well with your audience by simply asking. Set up a survey on your website or email to find out what your subscribers want to know.

Another option is to check the kind of content that successful competitors are producing. You can adapt to the tone of your industry and carve your brand as an informed participant in an existing discourse.

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