Network RADIUS

Web Marketing Strategy, Plan, and Campaign Tactics.

Network RADIUS

With nearly 100,000 deployments of FreeRADIUS open source software and over 100 million end users benefiting; Network RADIUS dominates Microsoft, Cisco, and Juniper as the producer of the worlds market-leading RADIUS server.

Network RADIUS and its principals are the chief architects behind Free RADIUS, the most widely deployed RADIUS server in the world. And, it should come as no surprise that they are also the foremost experts on RADIUS technology.

Although the company has deep expertise, outstanding client service, and solid leadership, Network RADIUS needed strategies, tools, and tactic that would best leverages their story and enables them to proactively market their services on a global scale.

Fundamental to Network RADIUS expanding its footprint in the RADIUS solutions marketplace and creating new revenue streams would be its ability to consistently and effectively:

1. Attract Website Visitors
2. Convert Website Visitors into Leads
3. Close Leads into Network RADIUS Clients
4. Delight Network RADIUS Clients into Loyal Promoters

To achieve this objective in the fastest, smartest, most cost effective way possible, an Inbound Marketing strategy, campaign assets and a tactical plan would be required.

With Network RADUIS’s overarching objective in mind, INSTANTEDGE proposed a simple yet effective 3 Step plan.

Plan the Work

Working in collaboration with Network RADIUS leadership team members, INSTANTEDGE researched, planned, and produced a 31 page Inbound Marketing EDGEPlan that would act as a strategic roadmap and tactical guide for developing all necessary campaign elements. This plan would also act as a playbook for the implementing of all campaign assets and ongoing management of a comprehensive inbound marketing program.

Do the Work

Leveraging everything from competitive analysis to keyword research to buyer personas (14 separate EDGEPlan strategic planning categories), we planned, scoped, scripted, designed, and developed all necessary inbound marketing assets. Key components included:

• Designed and developed high performance, responsive designed website
• Developed comprehensive SEO focused keyword research
• Created content plan and all page level copywriting
• Designed and developed necessary social media and tactical plan
• Created a series of educational marketing blog articles
• Created calls to action (CTA) for lead capture
• Designed and developed Adaptive content (slide presentation, infographic, explainer video)

Work the Plan

To be effective, any plan needs to be worked with consistent and flawless execution. INSTANTEDGE proposed a retainer based implementation strategy and tactical plan for executing and managing all components of the inbound marketing EDGEPlan.

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