Case Study

As a 24/7 outsourced contact centre, @liveconx knew the value of outsourcing competencies that were not core to their business.

The @liveconx management team was poised for growth, knew that competitors in their markets were realizing as much as 20% year over year revenue growth, and they were determined to achieve those same results.

After 25 years building their business by giving an exceptional service and getting word-of-mouth recommendations, @liveconx found they needed rapid growth to keep pace with aggressively expanding competitors. Some were realizing 20% year-on-year revenue growth, and to match this @liveconx realized that they could no longer rely on good will alone.

As an award winning outsource contact centre, @liveconx knew the value of buying in specialist skills that lay outside their core competencies. Their management therefore began searching for a single source marketing company to handle Strategy, Sales and Marketing Alignment, Inbound Marketing, and a full spectrum of marketing and advertising  to grow their revenue to meet an ambitious expansion target.

@liveconx offered a level of service that none of their competitors could match. But to monetize this, they had to spread the word. The challenge for @liveconx was that their marketing (outside perception) was inconsistent, and did not accurately reflect the brilliant service (inside reality) their team had worked so hard to achieve and their clients were accustomed to receiving.

Meeting with the @liveconx management team and discussing their growth objectives, INSTANTEDGE saw the need for a comprehensive inbound marketing program.

INSTANTEDGE presented a proposal that would meet that need, including a fully itemized, 3 Step process for planning and executing a complete inbound marketing strategy.

How it Works


Plan the Work

Inbound Marketing EDGEPlan

Working in collaboration with @liveconx’s management team, INSTANTEDGE developed an inbound marketing EDGEPlan to serve as the roadmap for meeting @liveconx’s growth targets. The EDGEPlan included critical benchmarks for success and laid out the marketing task required to attain these benchmarks. The 36-page plan was completed within 45 days on a fixed price budget.


Do the Work

Develop and Optimize Campaign Assets

INSTANTEDGE then developed inbound marketing campaign assets and optimized @liveconx’s existing marketing. This process included a new responsive website, creation of new SEO optimized site pages, social media assets, blogging, calls-to-action, lead nurturing emails, implemented HubSpot inbound marketing tools and tactics. INSTANTEDGE then integrated this with (This was all completed within 60 days on a fixed price budget.)


Work the Plan

Campaign Implementation and Management

For Step 3, INSTANTEDGE implemented a comprehensive inbound marketing campaign including: social media monitoring and management, white papers, eBooks, case study development, monthly reporting, HubSpot management and reporting, and more. All of which was performed under a fixed monthly-managed service fee.

@liveconx was able to achieve it’s year over year growth target with the first 10-months of implementing their inbound marketing EDGEPlan.


"We've had two or three times where we have seen something happen in a certain sector of our business and by developing the content marketing plan set out, we were easily able to shift gears and send out some material focused on those specific verticals. We saw some short-term opportunities and took advantage of those with a really quick turnaround. So we are able to respond to market changes fairly quickly."

@liveconx hit its year-on-year growth target in just 10 months. The collaboration between @liveconx management and INSTANTEDGE team members secured a cohesive and comprehensive marketing partnership that continues 18 months later, with the relationship expanding to include development of adaptive content, including infographics, PPT presentations, explainer videos, on and off page SEO, link building and more.

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