Case Study

As a leader in developing and delivering digital course materials to individuals, businesses and organizations throughout the world, Kivuto is all about ambitious ideas.

Kivuto launched its inaugural EDTECH Summit in 2014 because they found that there was a lot of disruptive technology entering the education space and they wanted to bring industry thought leaders, educators, investors, and users together to begin a conversation.

The Problem:
Kivuto’s events and marketing teams had done an outstanding job in planning for this first of its kind, two-day Summit that would host hundreds of attendees from all over North America.

As with most great ideas, they can come with little notice. So with T minus two days until EDTECH Summit 2014, Kivuto reached out to INSTANTEDGE. The request – capture this all-important two-day event on video so that it could be shared with all attendees, contributors and future EDTECH Summits participants.

The Solution:

Working in conjunction with Kivuto’s marketing team, INSTANTEDGE strategic planning and video production teams worked out a storytelling strategy and tactical plan that would ensure the EDTECH story would unfold naturally.

How it Works


Plan the Work

Gather Requirements

INSTANTEDGE scouted the location, reviewed the event agenda, topics, speakers, and mapped out logistics for capturing the two-day summit. With the goal of creating an outstanding promotional video, the two-day shoot was planned to the nth degree.


Do the Work

Shoot According to Plan

INSTANTEDGE brought in its sound, lighting, and camera teams to capture everything from opening speeches to panel interviews, audience participation, and impromptu coffee break conversations. Producer lead one-on-one interviews were conducted with Kivuto’s CEO, industry thought leaders, influencers, educators and event host.


Make it Work

Tell the Story Authentically

INSTANTEDGE video editors worked with its chief marketing consultant and producer to tell the story of the EDTECH Summit 2014 in the most natural, authentic and compelling way possible. Kivuto marketing provided key brand assets and directional feedback to ensure that the finished product was seamless.

“Typically a video shoot of this significance would take several weeks to plan so with less than 48 hours to prepare, we knew we had our work cut out for us.” Marc Buote, Chief Marketing Consultant, INSTANTEDGE Marketing.


"The InstantEdge team were wonderful to join forces with. From working with us to understand the message we needed to hit, to set up and to organizing the many video interviews throughout the two day conference, the team took tremendous ownership and helped us to establish the messages we wanted to get across. The team’s flexibility helped us get through a hectic few days!”

The full two-day Summit video shoot and subsequent editing went off without a hitch. Working in partnership with Kivuto’s marketing and events team made the entire project fun, exciting and a complete success.

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