Case Study

As a farm to plate information management provider, BIO is providing the technology to improve the health of livestock and consumers.

BIO knew that to compete and win in local and international markets, they would need a go-to-market strategy that would be as much about education as awareness. They had also set some aggressive growth targets for the year.

As a provider of anytime, anywhere, farm-to-plate information management Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, BIO provides technology that improves the health and well being of consumers and livestock alike, while making life easier for the people who manage the supply chain process.

BIO were operating in a sector that seemed happy relying on antiquated information management systems. Knowing they had a great product, that would make potential customers’ lives easier and more efficient, BIO wanted to sell it both locally and internationally. But first, they realized they would have to convince potential customers about the benefits that a SaaS system could bring. Which meant their go-to-market strategy needed to be as much about education as awareness or branding.

The Problem:
BIO needed a marketing strategy and tactical plan that supported best practices in SaaS marketing while educating an industry that is traditionally slow to embrace change.

Having invested heavily in R&D, software design and development, BIO knew that their two complimentary SaaS solutions would deliver on their promise to improve clients’ bottom line. But their challenge was to create marketing that would educate and convince multiple best buyer groups, both locally and internationally, while out-marketing established “one size fits all” SaaS providers.

The Solution:
Meeting the BIO management team and measuring their existing marketing efforts against their business goals, it became clear to IEM that a ground-up marketing strategy was needed.

IEM presented a detailed proposal informing and educating BIO about strategic imperatives for delivering on SaaS marketing best practices. This included a breakdown of cost, timing, and actions to deliver: 1) Inbound Marketing EDGEPlan, 2) AdWords campaign to test market acceptance and gain early stage sales traction, and 3) Campaign Development and Optimization of their current marketing.

IEM’s proposal was accepted and implemented under an accelerated timeline, fixed budget, and with full support of key members of BIO’s management team.

How it Works


Plan the Work

Inbound Marketing EDGEPlan

Working in collaboration with BIO’s management team, IEM developed an inbound marketing EDGEPlan that served as the strategic roadmap and tactical guide for meeting BIO’s awareness and growth targets. The EDGEPlan included everything from persona development to keyword research, to developing ultimate strategic positions. It established critical benchmarks for success and laid out the marketing tasks needed to reach those benchmarks.


Test the Plan

Keyword Focused AdWords Campaign

IEM researched, created and implemented a four month AdWords text campaign to gather market insights and create early stage sales opportunities. This included: keyword optimized AdWords, custom landing pages, campaign management, and continuous improvement of quality scores for optimal AdWords spend.


Do the Work

Building and Optimizing Campaign Assets

IEM then designed inbound marketing campaign assets and engaged in optimizing BIO’s current marketing. This included a new responsive website, creation of new SEO optimized site pages and social media assets, plus adaptive content such as eBooks, infographics, slide presentations, explainer videos, blogging, calls-to-action (CTA), lead nurturing emails, training, and more.

BIO achieved high market awareness for its two brands, bioTrack and bioLinks, and was able to position itself for maximum market penetration and growth.


"They were certainly easy to understand but they were also very good at appreciating the fact that they’d be working with others. Based on my age I would be far more sceptical at the potential added and how much to invest in certain things, they understood that, they walked me through it all."

IEM has since been retained to assist BIO with its new product launch Go360|bioTrack including a North American PR campaign complete with press release, new product promo video, and education based blog articles.

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