7 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Old Marketing Content

Typewriter_TitleReleasing new content is important, but what to do with your old material?

If you’ve implemented a content marketing strategy into your online marketing, then you’ve probably been blogging on a regular basis. While it’s important to be blogging regularly, you shouldn’t just ignore old content either. If you’ve been at it for a while and have a decent library of old content, then you can actually repurpose some of your older content to get new use out of it.

There are a number of reasons why you would want to do this. For one, hopefully your audience or customer base has grown since you first began content marketing and blogging. This means that by repurposing older content, you can introduce newer readers and customers with content they haven’t seen. The following are 7 ways in which you can repurpose your old content:


1. Repost old content on social media

While you don’t want to be blogging the same exact piece of old content – duplicating content as a content marketing strategy will result in search engines punishing you – you can post links to your old content on social media. By simply posting links to older content that you believe is still relevant onto your social media pages, you can introduce it to newer social media followers who haven’t had a chance to explore your back catalogue of content.

2. Updating data

When you’re going through your old content marketing pieces, you might find a few pieces that are well thought out and highly informative, but that contain outdated data. You can re-write these pieces, updating them with new available data to make them relevant again and blogging them.

3. Break down lists

Blogging content that contains a list, such as “seven ways to repurpose old content” can be quite popular. Look for successful content marketing pieces that make use of lists and that received a lot of page visits. Take these more popular articles and break the list down into separate content marketing pieces. Take this list for example – you could break it down and write an entire piece on how to break down lists into multiple content marketing pieces. Not only is this a great way to repurpose an old list, one list can provide you with several subjects for different pieces of new content.

4. Expand into email content

Similar to breaking down a list into different pieces of content for blogging, you can also take older content and elaborate on it to send out to prospects on your email list. Don’t forget – email marketing is an excellent content marketing strategy. While you should keep your content short when blogging, you can add photos, examples and more in-depth instructions to your email content.

5. Create an eBook

Gather up older content focusing on the same subject. You can rewrite all of this content, add more depth and then structure it into an eBook. This eBook is an excellent content marketing tactic as it can be offered as a free download as a way to incite readers to sign up to your email list, or it can be sent out to prospects on your email list.

6. Build a presentation

If you have older content that’s filled with interesting statistics or data, you can create an entire visual presentation around it. One way to do this is by building a slide show. Slide shows are often an easier way for readers to get through your content, especially since they tend to have visual cues to go along with the data.

In fact, visual content is usually a more successful content marketing strategy than written content when it comes to strategies such as blogging and social media.  Creating a slide show presentation isn’t too difficult either – you can use free editing programs such as Canva, which provides a number of pre-made templates to choose from.

Additionally, once you create a slide presentation, you can share it on SlideShare, which is another social media platform that could help provide you with more engagement opportunities. 

7. Create a podcast or video

Take an older piece of popular content and speak about the information contained within via a podcast or video. Most online users prefer podcasts or videos over having to read content anyway, especially when it comes to posting the content on social media.

Repurposing old content is an excellent way to make sure you get the absolute most out of your content marketing. Not to mention it’s a fantastic way to provide information and advice to consumers who have only recently begun following your brand. These are 7 ways in which you can make the most out of your content marketing by repurposing your old content that you should keep in mind when going through your back catalogue of content.

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