10 Reasons Closed Loop Marketing Gets Killer Results

How a closed-loop marketing scheme will help you close more leads into paying customers and keep your sales team begging for more.

visualizing-closed-loop-marketing-hubspot-resized-600Perhaps one of the most frustrating problems for marketing pros is the feeling of helplessness that comes from not knowing how well your marketing budget is being spent. Your sales reps are a solid group, but you’re not sure if you can completely trust your team’s sales funnel. Closing the loop on your marketing scheme means your reps report back with valuable data about how many leads they closed on, where those leads came from, and which lead resources are most profitable.

If you’re disconnected from valuable data about how the leads you’re sending your reps are panning out, you can’t possibly win at this game. That’s why a closed-loop marketing system is crucial. Let’s look at 10 ways a closed-loop marketing scheme maximizes your marketing budget and gets you the sales growth and customer retention numbers you’re chasing by helping you close more deals.

  1. Closed-loop marketing tells you exactly which channels have the highest ROI. Is it Facebook? Face-to-face? Do you even know? You have to close the loop to find out.

  2. Closing the loop on your marketing plan allows you to compare the strength of your various marketing offers in terms of customer acquisition. Which blog post was more effective? How many new customers did that social media strategy garner?

  3. This airtight marketing strategy also gets you major points from the top level of your organization because it allows you to give them the hard numbers they want to see. From sales reps to corporate, a closed-loop plan deals in hard numbers, not abstract concepts that always turn off those in the executive suite.

  4. A closed-loop marketing strategy gets everyone on the same team. At the same time you satisfy the higher-ups, your sales reps will be armed with the tools they need to close more deals. Everyone will be on the same page, which means greater productivity and higher sales numbers. Everybody wins!

  5. You’ll finally know which channels are most profitable and which are underperforming. Stop the madness! Why run in a hamster wheel of more and more effort with uncertain output? A closed-loop strategy will help you focus on your weak spots so you become stronger overall.

  6. The insights you gain from closing the loop in your marketing system will help you set realistic goals and actually reach them. Are you aiming too high, dooming yourself to failure? Or are you underestimating yourself and your team? Only sealing the leaks in your marketing plan will tell you.

  7. This approach gives you precise insights about your customers so you know exactly which demographics you should be targeting and where you can invest less time and energy. Do you know the exact demographic of your target market?

  8. Which pages on your company’s website rank highest for conversion assists? No idea? A closed-loop strategy will tell you precisely which pages are most influential for converting leads. In the process, you’ll also lean which pages aren’t as productive so that you can optimize the under performers. 

  9. Once you know more about where you should focus your energy, you can shorten your sales cycles by helping your reps play smarter. Decreasing the time it takes to convert a lead to a customer means more time to convert more. Don’t you love the smell of productivity in the morning?

  10. Closing the loop can lighten your load if you take the right approach. Managing the whole operation yourself can let valuable data slip through the cracks, but an intuitive inbound marketing software solution can handle all the unknowns and convert them to concrete solutions without adding to your burden or budget.

When you have a leaky faucet, do you just let it drip? Then why would you let an inefficient marketing strategy cost you time, money, and morale? Close the loop using an intuitive inbound marketing platform. You will close more deals because you’ll be playing with a full deck. That’s a strategy your whole organization can support.

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